Euromed Audiovisual is planning its first workshop in Jordan about distribution in the South Mediterranean.

The event on July 5-6 is being held in partnership with Europa Distribution and Europa Cinemas.

The workshop will include 18 distributors, selected experts, and sales agents.

Presentations will be about topics including multi-territory acquisition structures, collective models, dealing with international markets and

The event will also include meetings to create a network of distributors in the South Mediterranean. Also there will be a small market offering special screenigns.

“The distribution sector in South Mediterranean countries is in danger,” explains Valerio Caruso [pictured], Team Leader of the Euromed Audiovisual Programme’s monitoring unit. “Cinema digitisation is almost complete in Europe, while it has only just started in the Mediterranean region. The risk is creating a gap with the rest of the world. Analogue distribution will soon disappear, and the South Mediterranean distribution sector has to react. The Euromed Audiovisual Programme aims to raise awareness among the region’s local authorities and to provide technical support to its distributors.”

The participants will include Jonathon Perchal (Artificial Eye), Sophie Juin (Bac Films), Pascal Diot (Head of the Dubai Film Market,
Head of the Venice Film Market), Ivan Hronec (Film Europe), Loïc Magneron (Wide Management/Eye on Film), Nelleke Driessen (Fortissimo), Erik Gonzalez (La Red), Tess Renaudo (EDEN/Paseo Films), Adeline Monzier (Europa Distribution), Menem Richa (Europa Cinemas), Layaly Badr (Rotana), Frédéric Corvez (Urban), Gilles Duffaut (Silenzio Films), Gian Luca Chakra (Front Row Filmed Entertainment).