Knocked off its domestic perch, Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull stayed on top overseas despite hot weather across Germany and central Europe as a muscular $71.5m haul from 8,439 sites in 60 territories boosted the score to $266m.

This weekend's domestic champion Sex And The City came in second on $39.2m through New Line International's output partners, a fantastic result considering the long awaited adaptation of HBO's romantic comedy episodic only opened in 13 territories, nine of which were smaller markets.

Stephen Spielberg's latest adventure will cross half a billion US dollars worldwide within days and strengthens Paramount/PPI's early grip on the blockbuster season. Indy's stablemate Iron Man, incidentally, is about $20m shy of that mark through Paramount and PPI - although it stands at approximately $520m through all distributors.

Indiana Jones 4 launched at number one in India on $1m from 275 sites and held firm at the top in the UK on $10.6m from 531 for a rather formidable $54m after 11 days, which tracks 175% ahead of Iron Man and 120% ahead of Transformers.

There were notable number one holds in France on $8.9m from 796 for $25.3m, Spain on $6.6m from 703 for $21.1m, South Korea on $18.1m, Italy on $3.3m from 596 for $11.6m and Mexico on $2.1m from 409 for $7.9m. Indy added $5.4m from 256 in Australia for $17.2m and $4.4m from 757 in Germany for $18.4m.

Iron Man grossed $8m from 5,000 locations in 58 PPI territories and four non-PPI markets for a PPI tally of $203.5m, rising to $243m through all.

Sex And The City grossed $39.2m from 3,537 screens in 13 territories. The film launched in the UK on a remarkable $18.3m from 980 screens and took $7.8m from 974 in Germany and $6m from 551 in France. Italy produced $3.1m from 535 while Austria generated $921,778 from 70. Turkey also deserves mention on $700,000 from 120.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian added $17m for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International from approximately 4,000 screens in 19 territories and stands at $73m.

Prince Caspian took $7m from its six new launches and launched at number one in all, led by Brazil's $2.4m from 450 screens. Thailand delivered $1.4m from 150, Poland $1.2m from 140 and Singapore $1m from 70.

The film stayed top in Japan for the second weekend as $4.4m from 750 raised the tally to $15.2m and also stayed top in Mexico in its third weekend as $2.1m from 800 elevated the score to $14.8m.

Prince Caspian ranked top in Russia on $13.5m after three and has now taken more than the first film's entire run. Similarly $5.2m in India means Caspian has overtaken its predecessor's lifetime tally.

Disney's fantasy sequel is looking good for a powerful staggered run across the summer and is yet to open in Western Europe, Australia, China and Hong Kong.

Fox International's romantic comedy What Happens In Vegas added $12.1m from approximately 3,900 screens in 61 markets for $95.4m. The key here were a $2.1m second place launch in Mexico on $2.1m from 507 and a $1.9m third place debut on 244 in South Korea.

27 Dresses launched in Japan on 858,121 from 210 and has grossed $80.4m overseas including $5.5m from other distributors. Shutter has grossed $17.2m and Street Kings stands at $30.8m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's romantic comedy Made Of Honor grossed $3.9m on 1,895 screens in 27 markets for $30.6m, powered by a second place Spanish launch on $2m from 328 screens and decent holds. Brazil generated $470,000 from 140 to rank third on $3.1m, while Australia produced $325,000 from 183 for fifth on $4.8m and Germany delivered $310,000 from 501 for fifth on $3.6m.

Sony's card counting drama 21 passed $50m after a $3m haul from 1,250 screens in 46 markets raised the score to $53.1m. The highlight was a sixth place launch in Japan on $1m from 208 screens. 21 has grossed $7.5m in Germany after eight weekends, $6.6m after eight in Spain, $3.6m after three in Australia and $3.3m after seven in Brazil.

Warner Bros Pictures International's Speed Racer added $3m from 2,500 prints in 39 territories for a lacklustre $34.2m.The top five markets to date are: Mexico on $5.7m, South Korea on $4.6m, Brazil on $4.1m, the UK on $3m and Venezuela on $2.3m.

The Bucket List stands at $77.3m after notching $9.5m from four weekends in Japan.

Universal/UPI's Forgetting Sarah Marshall has grossed $24.3m to date and launches in German-speaking Europe on June 12.

Nim's Island stands at $30m through all distributors and $13.2m through UPI In the UK, Australia and New Zealand. Definitely, Maybe is on $20.8m and In Bruges has grossed $9.3m through UPI, while Step Up 2 The Streets has taken $85m through all and $38.4m through UPI. The Other Boleyn Girl has grossed $38m through all and $33.3m through UPI.

The Weinstein Company/Lionsgate/Relativity/Huayi Brothers Media Group's Forbidden Kingdom has crossed $100m worldwide. The martial arts tale has launched at number in 15 of its 17 markets to date and owes much of its global success to rampant overseas form.

Forbidden Kingdom set a new opening day record in China ($2.29m or RMB16m) on April 24 and has gone on to amass $25.9m in the territory. Other highlights include $7.5m in South Korea, $2.6m in Malaysia and $2.4m in Singapore. The Weinstein Company sold many overseas rights and Rob Minkoff's film is set to launch in the UK through Lionsgate on July 11 and Japan on July 26.