Unifrance and Screen International held a dinner to celebrate up-and-coming French talent on May 24 at the Terrasse Unifrance, during the 2023 Cannes Film Festival.

Back in January, 10 filmmakers and actors were selected by international journalists Rebecca Leffler (Screen International), Fabien Lemercier (Cineuropa), Elsa Keslassy (Variety) and Jordan Mintzer (The Hollywood Reporter). These talented actors and directors represent a new generation that contributes so much to the effervescence and creativity of French cinema.

Take a look at a selection of photos from the evening above.

The selected 10 are:

  • Dali Benssalah (actor)
  • Bastien Bouillon (actor)
  • Davy Chou (director/producer)
  • Céline Devaux (director)
  • Lyna Khoudri (actress)
  • Paul Kircher (actor)
  • Charlotte Le Bon (actress/director)
  • Annabelle Lengronne (actress)
  • Rebecca Marder (actress)
  • Nadia Tereszkiewicz (actress)