17 projects from Europe and South America will participate in production summit.

San Sebastian’s first Co-Production Forum Europe-Latin America will host projects from France, Italy, UK, Spain, Germany and Panama, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Argentina and Uruguay. 

For two days, representatives from the selected projects will discuss them with international industry professionals.

Among the selected, there are some well known names such as the Argentinian Anahí Berneri (A Year Without Love, Encarnación), who will introduce Free Air; Colombian Javier Fuentes-León, after the success of Undertow, will prsent The Disappeared Elephant; Argentinian Ana Katz (The Marzianos), comes with My Friend Of The Park; Daniel Hendler [pictured], after Norberto’s Deadline will pitch The Pigeon Loft, and Mexico’s Nicolás Pereda brings When Horses Learned To Cry.

Debutant directors include Guatemalan Jayro Bustamante, Bolivian Denisse Arancibia and Brazilian Aly Muritiba.

The Europe Latin America Co-Production Forum is the main event of the boosted Industry Club activities in San Sebastián to commemorate the festival’s 60 anniversary. Partner With Cannes Marché Du Film and Argentian’s INCAA, the Forum will continue in Buenos Aires-based Ventana Sur and the Cannes Producers Network. 

The selected projects are:

  • Aire libre
    Directora: Anahí Berneri
    Productora: BDCine
  • Claria 
    Director: Luis Ángel Ramírez
    Productora: Altube Filmeak
  • Cuando los caballos aprendieron a llorar
    Director: Nicolás Pereda
    Productora: Film Tank
  • Chico ventana también quisiera tener un submarino
    Director: Alex Piperno
    Productora: Nabis Filmgroup
  • El elefante desaparecido
    Director: Javier Fuentes-León
    Productora: El Calvo Films
  • El escuadrón de la muerte-una comedia
    Director: Jayro Bustamante
    Productora: La Casa de la Producción
  • Las Malcogidas
    Directora: Denisse Arancibia
    Productora: Naira Productora de Contenidos
  • Mi amiga del parque
    Directora: Ana Katz
    Productora: Campo Cine
  • O Homem que matou minha amada morta 
    Director: Aly Muritiba
    Productora: Grafo Audiovisual
  • El palomar
    Director: Daniel Hendler
    Productora: Cordon Films
  • Pensé que iba a haber fiesta
    Directora: Victoria Galardi
    Productora: Magma Cine
  • Pietá
    Director: Iñaki Elizalde
    Productora: Lazo Films
  • La puta realidad
    Director: Gabriela Calvache
    Productora: Cineática Films
  • Que Viva La Música!
    Director: Carlos Moreno 
    Productora: Dynamo
  • Sexo fácil y películas tristes
    Director: Alejo Flah
    Productora: Icónica Producciones
  • Sin Memoriam
    Director: David David
    Productora: Garabato Cine
  • Tuya
    Director: Edgardo González
    Productora: Tres Mentes