Second edition of the two-day conference, discuss changes to screenwriting and the business of film and television, to take place in Barcelon on Nov 9 and 10.

The second World Conference of Screenwriters (WCOS), to be held Nov 9 and 10 in Barcelona, will feature discussions among various writers, producers, directors, and entrepreneurs about professional writing in the increasingly digital world of film and television.

The Federation of Screenwriters in Europe (FSE), International Affiliation of Writers Guilds (IAWG) and Foro de Asociaciones de Guionistas del Audiovisual (FAGA) have attracted a collection of speakers for the conference including Swedish television writer Hans Rosenfeldt as well as representatives from the Writers Guilds of Canada, Ireland, France, Germany, Sweden and America.

Rosenfeldt will join Vuguru chief creative officer Kristin Jones and Susan Miller, co-producer of the Miramax film Ella Enchanted and the animated television series Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!, in a discussion about how changes in film and television production have affected their professions. Andrew S. Walsh, writer for the video game Prince of Persia and three Harry Potter games, will talk about the art of immersive writing.

In a four-hour panel about the value of creativity, Sopinspace CEO Philippe Aigrain will lead five Writers Guild directors and writers in a discussion about remuneration, copyright, licensing and authorship.

Additional speakers include Liz Rosenthal [pictured], founder of Power to the Pixel, Paul Kontonis, chairman of the Board of Directors at the International Academy of Web Television, and Michel Reilhac, executive director of Arte France Cinéma.

“The new global space holds exciting opportunities for creators and, admittedly, many challenges too,” commented screenwriter and FSE president Christina Kallas. “The second World Conference of Screenwriters will bring leader figures from around the world to discuss all aspects that play a role in defining the way professional writers and their organisations can position themselves in relation to our changing world changing world.”

For the full list of speakers, visit WCOS’s website.