Six Acts director Jonathan Gurfinkel [pictured] to discuss trailer craft.

Israel is as susceptible to cat video crazes as any other country yet when it comes to crafting and proliferating film trailers it still has a way to go.

This is the starting point for a Jerusalem Film Festival panel on Sunday (noon at the Cinematheque) about trailer craft in Israel and how the industry can better harness trailers as a viral marketing tool.

Six Acts director Yonatan Gurfinkel, who also has a background in commercials and music videos, will be in conversation with local journalist Yair Raveh.

Raveh told Screen: “The general concensus has been that trailers haven’t been made well in Israel. They are often made quickly, late on and are released just a few weeks before a film’s release.

“The number of digital marketing and creative digital companies in Israel is growing but there are still too few servicing the film industry.”