The long-term deployment agreement means that the Cinedigm-financed conversion will deploy 82 screens certified by the company.

The parties expect installation to be completed later in the autumn. Metropolitan will utilise systems from Barco and currently operates 16 theatres in California, Colorado, Idaho, Utah and British Columbia.

Cinedigm’s digital cinema division facilitates funding, installation and operations support, along with ongoing VPF administration, for the company’s rollout plans.

The company has signed long-term VPF agreements with all the major studios and interim agreements with more than 100 independent distributors.

“Metropolitan has been very diligent in evaluating their conversion options and we are thrilled they have chosen to work with us,” Cinedigm’s president of digital cinema services Gary Loffredo said. “We know David and his team will immediately benefit from the many enhancements digital cinema offers, both from the operational side as well as the consumer viewing experience.”

“We are excited to complete our transition to digital cinema with the support of experienced industry leaders Cinedigm and Barco,” Metropolitan president David Corwin said. “They will be great partners in the continuously changing landscape of theatrical exhibition and the many new opportunities presented.” 

In its combined Phase One and Phase Two digital cinema deployment programme Cinedigm has signed 11,474 screens overall, installed 10,787 digital screens (as of Sept 14) and signed digital screens deals with 259 exhibitors.