LA-based production company Green Isle Entertainment (GIE) led by industry veterans Edwin Larson And Scott Vandiver has launched with a $60m multi-title financing deal with investment bank Allegiance Capital Corporation.   

The first two films on the GIE slate are British comedies Little Lucky and Home From Home, both of which are scheduled to commence shooting in 2012 based on screenplays by Brian Ward and Martin Stellman.

GIE and Allegiance Capital will work with tax advisory firm Contrarian Tax Unit to manage foreign tax credits. GIE

Little Lucky follows a former high flyer who encounters a lucky black cat, while Home From Home centres on a truck driver trying to manage two families a thousand miles apart.

Ward and Stellman previously collaborated on the screenplay for The Interpreter.

“We have a high regard for the principals at Allegiance and are excited to be working with them on these new projects as well as many more in the future,” longtime producer Vandiver said. Larson has played key roles in financing such titles as Rain Man and Rocky V.

“We have known Ed and Scott for the past few years,” Allegiance Capital vice-president Brent Earles said. “Their creative verve, considerable production experience, and expert knowledge of film distribution are outstanding differentiating qualities that excite us about Green Isle Entertainment.”