Danish/Kenyan co-production stars Connie Nielsen.

A deal has been struck between sales company LevelK and Gala Films for theatrical distribution in east and west Africa of the Vibeke Muasya’s Lost In Africa.

The Danish/Kenyan coproduction will now be released theatrically across the continent in July 2011.

Starring Connie Nielsen (Brothers, Gladiator) and produced by Vibeke Windeloev (Dogville) and Karoline Leth at SF Film, Lost In Africa is the first film made in Kenya with a story carried by Kenyans.

Lost In Africa will have a cross over appeal not only in East Africa but all over the world as the subject and the film is a thrilling experience. We are proud to be distributing the film in the various African countries,” said Manu Savani, President of Gala Films Kenya.

“For once Kenyan actors don’t just serve as anonymous backdrop as local villains, waiters and taxi drivers, to foreign star,” director Musaya said of the film. “They deserve international recognition, and I am proud to facilitate that with Lost In Africa. Actor Robert Agengo said to me ‘This is our Out of Africa.’ It is. But the theme is global and so is its audience.”

The story centres on Simon (Simon Lougue Larsen), an 11 year old boy who returns to his country of origin, Kenya, with his adopted Danish mother (Nielsen). After chasing down his soccer ball, Simon becomes lost in the biggest city-slum in Africa. With a reward for his return, Simon is now a target for conniving hunters and must call on his new friends for help.