Ahead of its 60th anniversary, the Locarno International Film Festival is planning to introduce a new sidebar, 'Here and Elsewhere,' presenting a selection of documentaries and fictional features 'sharing an original vision of contemporary life, which touch on politics and history as much as they do society and the arts.'

According to the festival organisers, this section will be presenting 'an ensemble of event films - powerful works that arouse debate, as well as snapshots of the current world, that function as invitations to reflection and observation on the complexity of the times we live in.'

Also, the festival's comunications department is being restructured, with Alessio Manzan appointed head of marketing and Seraina Rohrer head of the press office.

Manzan had been marketing coordinator under the previous head of communications Riccardo Franciolli, while Rohrer had served as the press agent for the journalists from German-speaking Switzerland last year.

The 60th festival runs August 1-11.