The new initiatie will focus on distribution and exhibition in the Eastern and Central European countries.

The Locarno Film Festival is launching a new industry initiative aimed at providing a platform for developng distribution, exhibition and sales proposals.

The initiative - Step In - will focus on access to European Cinema in the Eastern and Central European countries.

12 exhibitors and distributors, selected in collaboration with CICAE and Europa Distribution, and representing the 12 Eastern and Central European countries that are part of the MEDIA programme - will be invited to Locarno for the initiative, which takes place as part of the festival’s Industry Days, (August 4-6).

Step In will be organised around a workshop with relevant professionals, a round table on the state of the market in the region as well as a number of individual meetings. Sales agents will also be invited to take part in the debate in a bid to work out new approaches to marketing and distribution.

The initiative, which is backed by MEDIA in collaboration with CICAE, Europa Distribution, Europa International, Festival Scope and Film New Europe, is aimed at encouraging detailed proposals and new forms of commercial collaboration in Europe.

The festival said it marked its commitment “to becoming a regular forum for all questions related to distribution, exhibition and world sales.”