Richard Lorber’s new distribution outfit Lorber Films will open its first releases on Friday (July 3).

Lorber Films opens Tony Manero at Cinema Village in New York and Nollywood Babylon at The Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín’s thriller Tony Manero was a hit at Cannes Directors Fortnight in 2008.

Nollywood Babylon is a documentary about the Nigerian cinema industry.

Releases in other cities will follow.

Company President and CEO Richard Lorber said in a statement: “Throughout my 28-year-career I’ve launched labels with excellent partners, first as Fox Lorber in 1981 and more recently as Koch Lorber. Well, I have new partners now but no one’s asking for marquee billing, so this Independence Day we’re launching - just - Lorber Films.”

Lorber Films will concentrate on art house, foreign-language and documentary films; its sister company is Lorber HT Digital (and the offshoot Alive Mind label).

Lorber serves as president and CEO, with Elizabeth Sheldon as VP of acquisitions and Ray Privett as director of theatrical and festival distribution.

Other forthcoming releases include Aleksandr Sokurov’s The Sun.