Richard Lorber’s Lorber HT Digital has acquired all US rights to The Sun, the third feature in Aleksandr Sokurov’s Dictator Trilogy.

The film focuses on Japanese emperor Hirohito and his surrender to General MacArthur at the end of the second world war. It will premiere theatrically at New York’s Film Forum in November followed by a national release in 2010.

The deal was negotiated by Joy Wong, head of UK-based The Works International, and Richard Lorber and Ray Privett, director of sales and distribution, on behalf of Lorber HT Digital for release by the company’s theatrical releasing arm, Lorber Films.

“We have been pursuing this remarkable film for over three years and are delighted to finally make it available to long time Sokurov fans who have been clamouring for it as well as film lovers who may be new to his oeuvre,” Lorber said.

The first two films in Sokurov’s trilogy are Moloch in 1999, about Hitler and Eva Braun, and the 2001 release Taurus, which focused on Lenin at the end of his life.