Web and mobile content platform Babelgum will release Sally Potter’s new film Rage on September 21, marking the first launch of a feature-length film on a mobile platform.

The film will launch as an episodic premiere via Babelgum’s free mobile application for iPhone and iPod devices and will be shown over seven episodes over the course of a week.

The mobile premiere will kick off a multi-platform, multi-territory release that includes the US DVD release on September 22 through Liberation Entertainment, an interactive satellite premiere in the UK on September 24; and Bablegum’s online release commencing September 28.

Adventure Pictures plans to release the DVD in the UK and Ireland on September 28.

Rage tells the behind-the scenes story of a New York fashion show through a dynamic series of intimate interviews, as if shot by a schoolboy on his mobile phone over a seven-day period.

The film premiered at Berlin and features Simon Abkarian, Steve Buscemi, Lily Cole, Judi Dench, Eddie Izzard, Jude Law, John Leguizamo and Dianne Wiest. Christopher Sheppard and Andrew Fierberg produced.