Metrodome Distribution is planning a two-week UK theatrical run for the 1986 animated feature Transformers: The Movie. The theatrical release at London 's Apollo West End from May 4 will of course hope to cash in on Transformers interest stirred by Michael Bay 's blockbuster due out in July.

Metrodome will release the title on a two-disc DVD in June, which will include a new re-mastered widescreen format of the film as well as new special features. A single-disc edition will also be sold.

Tom Stewart, general manager of home entertainment at Metrodome, said: 'We are very excited here at Metrodome that the original classic, Transformers: The Movie, will give audiences old and new the chance to experience the film on the big screen. This two week run in London 's West End is just prior to our June 4th release of Transformers Ultimate DVD edition, and will only help in creating great awareness to the consumer.'