New feature films by Eric Rohmer, Chantal Akerman and Fridrik Thor Fridriksson are among nine projects awarded over Euros 3.3m by Eurimages.

Two projects were backed in the funding category for larger projects with commercial promise: Euros 700,000 for Didier and Thierry Poiraud's French-German-UK co-production Le Retour De James Bataille and Euros 600,000 for Rohmer's Triple Agent which is being structured as a Franco-Greek-Spanish-Italian co-production.

The remaining Euros 2m was shared among seven projects in Eurimages' second funding category for artistically valuable projects: Fridriksson's Niceland (Iceland), Akerman's Demain On Demenage (Belgium), Lars Johansson's Clearing Up (Denmark), Pantelis Voulgaris' Brides (Greece), Ella Lernhagen's Tur Och Retur (Sweden), Ali Ozgentuerk's Zaman (Turkey), and Hiner Saleem's Vodka Lemon. (France)