Matt Grady, the former director of production at Plexifilm, has launched Factory 25, a Brooklyn, NY-based film and music label.

The label will release films theatrically, digitally and on DVD as well as in limited edition DVD/vinyl packages.

The label’s first two film releases on September 29 will be Ronald Bronstein’s acclaimed Frownland and 1001 Nights, which is an anthology of films, performances and videos by indie band Damon & Naomi (ex-Galaxie 500).

Both will be released on DVD, digitally, and in limited DVD/vinyl editions. FACTORY 25 holds world DVD and digital rights for 1001 Nights and world rights (except France) on Frownland.

“What I learned at Plexifilm was that, despite the ephemeral nature and general unsightliness of various physical media (CDs, DVDs etc.), the discerning viewer and listener still wants their films and music in perfect analog or digital quality and packaged and presented as beautifully as possible,” says Grady. “Factory 25’s commitment to the aesthetic of the product itself, be it on vinyl or DVD, will take it to a higher level. We know our niche.”

For example, the Frownland limited edition will include extra footage, a comic book, art by Dore Mann, a vinyl soundtrack and a newsprint film poster.

“These are perfect debuts for Factory 25 because not only are they both great features, but they both bridge the gap between film and music, the territory that is our home,” added Grady.

Other forthcoming titles include Joe Losurdo & Christina Tillman’s You Weren’t There: A History of Chicago Punk 1977-1984; Ben Wolfinsohn’s High School Record; Justin Mitchell’s Songs for Cassavetes; Matt Boyd’s All the Way from Michigan Not Mars; and Braden King & Laura Moya’s Dutch Harbor: Where The Sea Breaks Its Back.

Factory 25 will also release Grady’s own directorial project, Spiritualized: Acoustic Mainlines, which is currently in post production.

Grady worked at Plexifilm for seven years before leaving in early 2009.