“Jim’s vision was always so much bigger than what we created for the first film.”


Visual effects studio Weta Digital have announced it has begun work on the four Avatar sequels.

The Oscar-winning New Zealand-based facility created by Peter Jackson, Richard Taylor, and Jamie Selkirk worked on the original film, which grossed $2.7bn at the worldwide box office.

Joe Letteri is the current director of Weta Digital.

James Cameron said in a statement: “What Joe Letteri and Weta Digital bring to these stories is impossible to quantify. Since we made Avatar, Weta continued to prove themselves as doing the best CG animation, the most human, the most alive, the most photo-realistic effects in the world. And of course, that now means I can push them to take it even further.”

Avatar producer Jon Landau said the four sequels “promise to be even more ambitious than the first film”.

Letteri added: “Avatar is the ideal type of film for us. Jim’s vision for the world of Pandora was always so much bigger than what we created for the first film.

“Helping him expand the language of cinema through new narratives set in such an expansive universe is the type of opportunity that rarely comes along twice. Projects like this allow everyone involved to push themselves to do their best work and you can’t ask for anything more than that.”

The four Avatar sequels are being filmed simultaneously, with releases scheduled for December 18, 2020 for Avatar 2, December 17, 2021 for Avatar 3, December 20, 2024 for Avatar 4, and December 19, 2025 for Avatar 5.