Free LSD

Source: Courtesy of Slamdance Film Festival

Free LSD

Organisers at the hybrid 29th Slamdance Film Festival have announced that the word premiere of Dimitri Coats’ Free LSD will close the festival on January 20 2023 as they also unveiled Narrative, Documentary, Breakouts, Spotlight, and Unstoppable programming line-ups.

Free LSD follows an adult store owner who takes an experimental drug that provides a glimpse into a parallel universe where he is the leader of a band battling evil aliens over the future of human consciousness. Keith Morris, Coats, Autry Fulbright II, DH Peligro, and Jack Black are among the cast.

The film will play in Spotlight Features alongside the documentary Downwind in which co-directors Mark Shapiro and Douglas Brian Miller expose the impact of decades of nuclear testing in Nevada.

World premiere selections in Narrative Feature Competition include Bowon Kim’s South Korean Stars In The Ordinary Universe exploring three stories from three different earths in the multiverse.

Among the documentary selections are The Mad Writer in which hip hop producer L’Orange, confronts a troubling diagnosis, and Starring Jerry As Himself, about a retired Floridian recruited to be a spy for the Chinese.

As previously announced, Moby’s feature directing debut Punk Rock Vegan Movie will open the festival. The hybrid event runs in Park City, and Salt Lake City, Utah, from January 20-29, 2023. The physical element takes place from January 20-26 and the online component will appear on the Slamdance Channel from January 23-29.

The remainder of 2023 programming including Animated, Experimental, Unstoppable, Narrative, and Documentary Shorts programmes as well as the Digital, Interactive and Gaming (DIG) and Episodes line-ups will be announced on December 12.

Initial sections appear below. All are US and world premieres unless indicated otherwise.

Spotlight Features

Downwind (dirs. Mark Shapiro, Douglas Brian Miller)

Free LSD, closing night film (dir. Dimitri Coats).

Narrative Feature Competition

The Girl Who Was Cursed - (Neth, dir. Zara Dwinger) North American premiere

Love Dump (dir. Jason Avezzano) US premiere

MiND MY GOOFiNESS: The Self Portrait (dir. Alex Michel)

Mad Cats (Jap, dir, Reiki Tsuno)

New Religion (Jap, dir. Keishi Kondo) North American premiere

Nut Jobs (Can, dir. Alexandre Leblanc) US premiere

A Perfect Day For Caribou (dir. Jeff Rutherford) North American premiere

Stars In The Ordinary Universe (S Kor, dir. Bowon Kim)

Unicorn Boy (dir. Matt Kiel)

Waiting For The Light To Change (dir. Linh Tran)

Where The Road Leads (Ser, dir. Nina Ognjanović). 

Documentary Feature Competition

Cash Cow (dir. Matt Barats)

Cisco Kid (dir. Emily Kaye Allen) US premiere

The Mad Writer (dir. Zach Kashkett)

Motel Drive (dir. Brendan Geraghty)

Silent Love (Pol-Ger, dir. Marek Kozakiewicz) US premiere

Space Happy: Phil Thomas Katt And The Uncharted Zone (dir. Marek Kozakiewicz)

Starring Jerry As Himself - (dir. Law Chen)

Sweetheart Deal (dirs. Elisa Levine, Gabriel Miller)

With Peter Bradley (dir. Alex Rappoport)


The Art Of Silence (Swi-Ger, dir. Maurizius Staerkle Drux)

Fuzzy Head (USA, dir. Wendy McColm) US premiere

Mascot (Neth-Bel, dir. Remy van Heugten)

Onlookers - (USA-Lao, dir. Kimi Takesue)

The Underbug (Ind, dir. Shujaat Saudagar)

What Is The Lie? (Phi, dir. Quark Henares)

Unstoppable Features

American Pot Story: Oaksterdam (dirs. Dan Katzir, Ravit Markus)

OKAY! (The ASD Band Film) (Can, dir. Mark Bone)

Sexual Healing (Neth, dir. Elsbeth Fraanje) US premiere

Sign The Show (dir. Cat Brewer)

Wisdom Gone Wild (dir. Rea Tajiri).