Jess Conoplia

Source: AFCI

Jess Conoplia

The Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) has launched the AFCI Global Production Alert to provide updated information on coronavirus-related policies and restrictions impacting filming locales worldwide.

The Alert can be accessed on AFCI’s website and includes entries from film offices on six continents. The organisation expects the number of participating film offices to continue to grow as more locales clarify their response to the pandemic.

AFCI member film offices are using the Global Production Alert to communicate updated information on how their jurisdictions (cities, states, provinces or nations) are dealing with a range of issues such as:

  • · restrictions on public gatherings and business activity (including film/TV production);
  • · restrictions on travel (inbound and domestic);
  • · availability of key filming locations;
  • · processing of on-location permit applications; and
  • · government programmes, industry relief funds, and other resources to help out-of-work crew members.

Listings may also include links to government agencies that deal with relevant issues, such as immigration, economic development, public health, etc.

“AFCI’s new Global Production Alert provides a one-stop source for Covid-19-related information direct from film offices around the world,” said AFCI president Jess Conoplia (pictured). “We’re focused on helping the industry stay up-to-speed throughout each phase of the pandemic, from the current shutdown through the lifting of restrictions and return to production.”

AFCI advisory board member and HBO senior vice-president of production Jay Roewe said, “AFCI’s Global Production Alert is a key tool for the industry as it waits for the green light to re-commence work on projects around the world. We rely on updates from trusted sources internationally with respect to travel restrictions, location access and industry readiness. Film Commissions are well positioned to provide honest intelligence in this regard.”

Fellow AFCI advisory board member Kimberly Rach, who serves as global head of production for YouTube Originals, added, ”While we continue to work together behind-the-scenes to manage productions in hiatus, the ability to connect with film commissions at the click of a finger is key. AFCI’s Global Production Alert is a terrific resource for the latest information on Covid-19-related shooting restrictions, and when we need more information, the organisation’s member directory connects us to city, state and national offices worldwide.”