Angel Oak Films, the new Los Angeles and Brussels-based production and sales company headed by Pascal Borno and Alain Gillissen, have announced with vice-president of development B.I. Rosen they will fully finance and produce the Aaron Eckhart thriller Afterward.

Dito Montiel (Empire State, A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints) will direct the story of a father who sets out on a quest for justice after his daughter dies in a small town mired in corruption and ruthless politics.

Angel Oak has started talks with buyers in TIFF and the producers have earmarked a second quarter 2020 production start.

Producing alongside Angel Oak Films are Eckhart and Cineville International’s Carl Colpaert, Frederic Demey, Thomas D. Adelman, Elizabeth Gast Napolitano, and B.I. Rosen.

Borno and Gillissen used to run Conquistador Entertainment and launched Angel Oak to broaden their remit and engage in more production.

Sales, including third-party product where appropriate, will remain a key element of their operation.