Post-apocalyptic thriller to star Jack Gordon.

British thriller Artificial Horizon is to commence filming on March 7, it has been announced by Michael Cowan’s Stealth Media Group, SPEIS and Artificial Horizon Ltd in conjunction with and Megatopia.

Shooting will take place at Dunsfold Aerodrome in Surrey - the same location as the Top Gear test track - featuring a full size Boeing 747.

The cast includes Jack Gordon (Captain America, Fish Tank), Zora Bishop (Closed Circuit), Edmund Kingsley (Hugo), Karen Bryson, Joe Dixon and Luke Healy.

SPEIS is a qualifying Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) film production company that has provided 100% finance for this film.

Director Anthony Woodley is also a co-writer on the post-apocalyptic thriller, in which eight survivors escape to the skies in a badly damaged Boeing 747 to avoid a pandemic that is ravaging the earth.

Woodley said: “Artificial Horizon will have elements of Contagion and The Road, and many of the action sequences will be set on board a 747. We love sci-fi. We love thrillers. And we love films that make you think.”

Woodley’s first film was sci-fi thriller Outpost 11.

Stealth will have a teaser/trailer for buyers for the Cannes Film Festival and the film will be delivered by end of September.

This film is produced in association with Stealth Media Group, Premiere Picture, and Megatopia with John Adams (head of production at Stealth Media) overseeing production.