Fortissimo has sold rights to Juno Mak’s directorial debut.

Rigor Mortis, the directorial debut of Hong Kong actor-singer-writer Juno Mak, has been sold to territories across Asia by Fortissimo Films.

Rights to the film have been acquired by distributor Scorpio East for Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei, while rights for Korea have been acquired by Cinema de Manon.

Producer Kudos Films also revealed that Fortissimo has  taken on further sales responsibilities covering the balance of rights in Hong Kong as well as all rights for China.

The deal was secured by Fortissimo chairman Michael J. Werner and Sim Wee Boon for Scorpio East and Manon JIN for Cinema de Manon.

Hong Kong theatrical distribution rights were previously acquired by Orange Sky Golden Harvest.

Fortissimo’s Werner said: “In addition to further offers from Asia, offers are being fielded from virtually every market.”

Now in the final stages of post-production, the film is inspired by the Chinese vampire (Geung Si) movies of the 1970’s and 80’s.

A theatrical release is planned for Halloween, following a film festival launch this autumn.

Rigor Mortis reunites many of the surviving, original cast members of the Geung Si genre for this modern vision.

The story is set in a modern day housing estate and revolves around Chin Siu-Ho, playing himself as a down and out actor/vampire hunter who moves into a rundown public housing flat only to discover that his apartment is haunted and he is not alone. In order to survive he must do battle with the forces of evil.