EXCLUSIVE: Austrian sales agent also reporting interest on feature doc and TV project from France, Germany and the UK.

Autlook’s feature doc and TV project The New Rijkmuseum is piquing buyers’ curiosity.

Early in the market, the Austrian sales agent reported that the project has been sold to Japan’s Eurospace Inc. 

The film details the story behind the huge-scape renovation of the Rijkmuseum, one of the world’s most pre-eminent museums and home to masterpieces by Rembrandt and Vermeer.

The renovation took 10 years, a decade full of artistic, creative and financial battles between the museum’s directors, curators, architects and city bureaucrats. The filmmakers had full access to the venue throughout the 10 year period.

“I was so touched even emotional watching the series as we are so close to the main characters and we get to stay with them over a 10 year period. Together with the magnificent cinematography and the setting in one of the biggest museums in the world makes it feel almost like a fiction. We will release the feature film theatrical in Japan,” Makiko Okazaki from Eurospace commented of the pick up.

Autlook’s theatrical director Salma Abdalla is already reporting interest from buyers in France, Germany and UK.

Autlook is screening the four part TV series here at the EFM. The feature film will be ready by March.

Films Transit is handling North America where the four part series had a successful theatrical run at the prestigious New York Film Forum.