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Source: Richard Harbaugh/Ampas / Bafta / Holly Clark / Wikimedia Commons/Maramendes1230

Oscars, Baftas, Bifas, SAG awards

The 2020-2021 awards season was like no other before, with changes to dates, locations and formats due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Screen has curated this list of dates and deadlines for the key international awards, updated according to any changes.

A 2021 calendar for film festivals and markets is available here.

Previous dates

December 2020

1: Oscars – submission deadline for specialty categories (including animated feature, documentary feature, international feature)

1: DGA entry forms available

8: EFAs talk: From Survival To Revival: Building The Post-Covid Future

9: BIFAs nominations announcement

9: EFAs Excellence Awards

10: EFAs Eurimages, short film and EUFA awards

11: EFAs comedy and animation awards

11: WGA deadline for series submissions

12: EFAs European Film Awards Grand Finale

14: Bafta deadline for Stage Two entry submission (confirming individual candidates for nomination) plus statements and appeals

22: Bafta draft entered films list to be made available to voters and entrants

30: Golden Globes deadline for television nomination ballots to be mailed to HFPA members

31: Oscars – international feature submissions must have screened in their country of origin by this date

31: Film Independent Spirit Awards - television series must have aired by this date to be eligible 

January 2021

4: SAG deadline for paying November 2020 dues and/or changing address to be eligible for final ballot

4: WGA preliminary series online voting begins

6: Bafta deadline for requests to changes to the draft entered films list and SVFX statements

7: DGA entry deadline for films with planned, scheduled or actual theatrical release between January 1-December 31 2020

11: Bafta – all films must be available to voters on the View portal

11: SAG nominations balloting opens

12: Bafta round one voting opens at 10.00 GMT

12: Golden Globes deadline for receipt of television nomination ballots, 17.00 PT

13: Golden Globes deadline for motion picture nomination ballots to be mailed to all HFPA members

15: Oscars – submission deadline for general categories

18: Goyas nominations announcement

20: WGA deadline for preliminary series online voting

22: WGA deadline for screenplay submissions

26: Film Independent Spirit Awards nominations announcement

26: Bafta round one voting closes at 18.00 GMT, deadline for SVFX reels

26: Golden Globes final screening date for motion pictures

27: Golden Globes final date for motion picture press conferences

29: Oscars deadline for withdrawing a film from consideration

29: WGA preliminary screenplay voting begins

30: Golden Globes deadline for receipt of motion picture nomination ballots, 12.00 PT


1: Oscars preliminary voting begins

1: SAG nominations balloting closes at 17.00 PT

1: DGA entry deadline for films with planned, scheduled or actual theatrical release between January 1-February 28 2021; and for television entries broadcast January 1 2020 to February 28 2021

2: PGA documentary nominees announced

3: Golden Globes nominations announcement at 05.00 PT

3: WGA TV nominations announcement

4: Bafta longlists announcement

4: SAG nominations announcement, records pulled for final balloting

5: Oscars preliminary voting ends

9: Oscars Shortlists Announcement

10: Golden Globes final ballots mailed to HFPA members

10: SAG final voting opens

10: Césars nominations announcement

12: WGA deadline for preliminary screenplay voting

16: WGA screenplay nominations announced

17: DGA online voting for theatrical feature film nominees opens

18: BIFA ceremony

19: Bafta round two voting opens at 10.00 GMT

19: DGA online voting for television nominations opens

19: WGA screenplay and series online voting begins

23: Golden Globes deadline for receipt of final ballots, 17.00 PT

25: PGA theatrical motion pictures nomination polls open

26: SAG final day to request paper final ballots in lieu of online voting

28: Golden Globes ceremony

28: Oscars – films in general categories must have a release by this date

28: Film Independent Spirit Awards – films must have had either a theatrical release, or intended theatrical release that became a virtual cinema release due to Covid-19, by this date


1: Bafta round two voting closes

5: Oscars nominations voting begins

5: DGA deadline to vote online for television nominations

5: WGA deadline to vote for screenplay and series nominations

6: Goyas awards ceremony

7: PGA theatrical motion pictures nomination polls close, 14.00 PT

8: DGA deadline to vote for theatrical feature film nominations, all television and commercial nominations announced

8: PGA theatrical motion pictures nominees announced, final polls open

9: Bafta nominations announcement

9: DGA five theatrical feature film nominees, five first-time feature film director nominees announced, online voting opens

10: Oscars nominations voting ends

10: SAG final votes must be cast online or ballots received by 12.00 PT

12: Césars awards ceremony

14: SAG - Screen Actors Guild awards ceremony

15: Oscars nominations announcement

19: PGA theatrical, documentary motion pictures final polls close

21: WGA Writers Guild Awards ceremony

24: PGA Producers Guild of America awards ceremony

24: David di Donatellos nominations announcement

25: Bafta round three voting opens at 10.00 GMT


7: Bafta round three voting closes at 18.00

9: Bafta entered films must be screened to the public by this date (except for films not in the English language and documentaries)

9: DGA deadline to vote online for theatrical feature film award

10: DGA Directors Guild of America awards ceremony

11: Bafta ceremony

15: Oscars final voting begins and nominees luncheon

20: Oscars final voting ends

22: Film Independent Spirit Awards ceremony

25: Oscars ceremony

30: Bafta – films not in the English language and documentaries must be screened to the public by this date