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‘Bad Boys Ride Or Die’

Worldwide box office June 7-9

 Rank Film (distributor)3-day (world)Cume (world)3-day (int’l)3-day (int’l)Territories
 1.  Bad Boys: Ride Or Die (Sony)  $104.6m  $104.6m  $48.6m  $48.6m  61
 2.  The Garfield Movie (Sony)  $25.3m  $192.7m  $15.3m  $124.1m  62
 3.  Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga (Warner Bros)  $17.9m  $144.4m  $13.7m  $85.7m  79 
 4.  IF (Paramount)  $14.2m  $160.7m  $6.2m  $67.2m  66
 5.  Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes (Disney)  $12.3m  $359.7m  $6.9m  $210m  53
 6.   The Watchers (Warner Bros)  $11.7m  $11.7m  $4.7m  $4.7m   66 
 7.  Be My Friend (various)  $7.7m  $9.8m  $7.7m  $9.8m  1 
 8.  Walk The Line (various)  $7.5m  $10.6m  $7.5  $10.6m  1
 9.  Crisis Negotiators (various)  $5.5m  $9.2m  $5.5m  $9.2m  2
 10.  A Little Something Extra (Pan Distribution)  $5.2m  $57.5m  $5.1m  $57.3m  2

Credit: Comscore. All figures are estimates.

‘Bad Boys: Ride Or Die’ adds pep to summer box office

UPDATE: Columbia Pictures’ Bad Boys: Ride Or Die has brought some welcome fresh energy to a flat 2024 summer blockbuster season, with a confirmed global opening of $107.4m – topping the chart domestically with $56.5m, and adding $50.9m in 60 international markets.

Those numbers are on a level with the $101m launch of the third film in the series, Bad Boys For Life, over Martin Luther King holiday weekend in January 2020. That year, Covid struck, delaying many major titles to 2021, and Bad Boys For Life ended the year as the top Hollywood film at the global box office, with $426.5m.

Bad Boys: Ride Or Die is only the fourth US film to launch at $100m-plus worldwide so far this year, following Dune: Part Two and Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire in March, and Kingdom Of The Planet Of The Apes in May.

In Europe, which delivered $19.3m, Bad Boys: Ride Or Die scored best at UK/Ireland ($4.9m over five days), Germany ($3.7m), France ($3.1m) and Spain ($1.8m).

The Sony release set a franchise record in Latin America with the biggest opening to date: $10.0m. Mexico led the region with an estimated $4.7m, followed by Brazil ($1.7m).

The film performed powerfully in Middle East, nearly matching Latin America with an estimated $9.5m. Saudia Arabia ($4m) landed ahead of UAE ($2.9m).

Asia-Pacific brings up the rear with $4.4m, but Bad Boys: Ride Or Die has yet to land in China or Japan. Australia led the region with $2.8m, ahead of Indonesia ($1.1m) and Taiwan ($900,000). In South Korea, the film landed in fifth place with $811,000 in a market led by local film Wonderland, a sci-fi film about artificial intelligence.

Bad Boys: Ride Or Die will very soon surpass the lifetime worldwide total of 1995’s first Bad Boys film, with $141.4m, although that comparison is not adjusted for inflation. Bad Boys II grossed $273.3m in 2003.

Bad Boys: Ride Or Die next arrives in Italy (June 13), with Japan (June 21) and China (June 22) to follow.

‘The Watchers’ scares up mild opening number

UPDATE: Brand Shyamalan faced its latest box office test with the release of New Line’s The Watchers. The supernatural horror film is written and directed by Ishana Shyamalan and produced by her father M Night Shyamalan. The Warner Bros release debuted with a confirmed $7m in North America (landing in fourth place in the weekend domestic chart) plus $4.6m from 65 international markets.

The Watchers failed to score seven figures in any international market, doing best in Mexico ($629,000), ahead of UK/Ireland ($493,000), where the film is released as The Watched.

Spain ranks third among international markets with an estimated $336,000, ahead of Australia ($315,000) and Brazil ($287,000).

For comparison, M Night Shyamalan’s last film as director, 2023’s Knock At The Cabin, debuted in North America with $14.1m (just over double The Watchers’ number), on its way to a $35.4m domestic total after rapid burnout. Globally, the film reached $54.8m.

In 2021, M Night Shyamalan’s Old did better, achieving a lifetime gross of $48.3m in North America, $41.9m for international, and $90.1m worldwide.

‘The Garfield Movie’ closes in on $200m total

Having topped the weekend worldwide box office chart for the first time a week ago, Columbia Pictures/Alcon Entertainment’s The Garfield Movie edges down to second place, with estimated takings of $25.3m, and a total to date of $192.7m. The Sony film will pass $200m later this week.

China – where audiences were in festive mood ahead of today’s Dragon Boat Holiday – saw a healthy $5.2m for Alcon and Stars Collective, taking the total there to $15.0m after two weekends of play.

In cumulative totals, Mexico, currently in the sixth week of release, remains ahead of China on the animated title with $20.3m. UK/Ireland is in third place with $9.4m, ahead of Germany ($8.1m), Brazil ($6.4m) and Spain ($6.0m).

The Garfield Movie is now 95% of the way to matching the $203.2m worldwide total achieved by live-action comedy Garfield: The Movie in 2004 – although that comparison is not adjusted for inflation. Upcoming key markets are France (July 31) and Japan (August 16).

Chinese trio crashes global top 10

The weekend leading into China’s Dragon Boat Holiday saw a number of new releases, with Be My Friend, Walk The Line and Crisis Negotiators all opening in the $5-8m range, and landing in Comscore’s top 10 worldwide box office chart. The trio all opened ahead of new release Furiosa: A Mad Max Movie, despite Furiosa landing on Friday (June 7), whereas the Chinese titles all bowed on Saturday (June 8) and only had two days of play for the weekend period. Furiosa debuted in China with an estimated $3.6m.

Directed by He Nian, Be My Friend ($7.8m debut) is a spinoff of a youth comedy TV series of the same name. Walk The Line ($7.5m debut) is a Chinese comedy-drama directed by Wu Bai – a cowardly cop and his apprentice are thrust into the middle of a crackdown on organised crime. Herman Yau’s Crisis Negotiators($5.8m) is a Hong Kong adaptation of F Gary Gray’s 1998 action thriller The Negotiator, which starred Samuel L Jackson and Kevin Spacey.

French comedy ‘A Little Something Extra’ triumphs again – hits $58m total

Despite the arrival of a trio of new Chinese films, Pan Distribution’s French comedy hit A Little Something Extra(aka Un P’tit Truc En Plus) enjoys another week in the worldwide top 10 chart, grossing an estimated $5.3m for the weekend period, including $87,000 in North America. This debut feature from comedian Artus has hit $57.4m in France according to Comscore, and $57.6m globally. It’s the biggest hit of the year so far in France, ahead of Dune: Part Two. Artus stars in the comedy about a father and son seeking refuge from the police at a summer camp for young adults with disabilities – posing as a resident and his educator.