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Source: Bankside Films

‘Talk To Me’ 

London-based sales agent Bankside Films has closed numerous deals off the back of Cannes, on titles including Talk To Me, Swimming Home and Raised Eyebrows.

Horror Talk To Me is directed by Australian YouTube sensations Danny and Michael Philppou (aka RackaRacka), and is in post-production.

It has sold to Altitude (UK-Ireland), the GP Cinema (Baltics), Premiere Distribution (Benelux), MCF (Former Yugoslavia), Alba Films (France), Capelight (Germany), Vertigo Media (Hungary), Koch (Italy), The Coup (Korea), M2 (Poland), Scanbox (Scandinavia), Praesens (Switzerland), A Really Good Film Company (Taiwan and Hong Kong), Creative Motion (Thailand) and Noori Pictures (Vietnam). 

Deals had already been completed with Sun (Latin America, Spain & Portugal) and Front Row (Middle East). 

Talk To Me is produced by Kristina Ceyton and Samantha Jennings of Australia’s Causeway Films and stars Sophie Wilde and Miranda Otto. A group of friends discover how to conjure spirits using an ancient embalmed hand, and end up opening the door to the spirit world.

Justin Anderson’s directorial debut Swimming Home has sold to Nonstop Entertainment (Scandinavia and Baltics), Discovery (Former Yugoslavia), Front Row (Middle East) and HBO (Central Europe).

Now in pre-production it is set to star Christopher Abbott, Mackenzie Davis and Ariane Labed, and follows a family whose holiday takes a dark turn when they find a naked stranger floating in their villa pool. 

Swimming Home is based on the novel by Deborah Levy of the same name, and produced by Emily Morgan of the UK’s Quiddity Film, with Andy Starke of Rook Films, Paula Linhares and Marcos Tellechea of Brazil’s Reagent Media, Giorgos Karnavas and Konstantinos Kontovrakis of Greece’s Heretic, and Leontine Petit and Erik Glijnis of Lemming Film.

Oren Moverman’s Raised Eyebrows is set in the 1970s world of ageing comedian Groucho Marx, who is played by Geoffrey Rush. Sienna Miller and Charlie Plummer also star. The title, in pre-production, has sold to MCF (Former Yugoslavia), Sun Distribution (Latin America, Spain and Portugal), Monolith (Poland) and Front Row (Middle East).

John Krokidas’ anticipated title Tunnels, also in pre-production, is set to star Susan Sarandon, Jaeden Martell, Patrick Wilson, Anna Faris and Alicia Silverstone. A woman strikes up an unexpected friendship following her grandson carries out a shooting in a school. Brad Mendelsohn and Matt Smith of US-based Circle of Confusion produce. It has sold to Discovery (Former Yugoslavia), Eagle (Italy), Front Row (Middle East), Monolith (Poland) and YouPlanet (Spain).

Further deals were concluded on Niels Arden Oplev’s Danish-language drama Rose, about two sisters whose relationship is put to the test on a trip to Paris and produced by Nordisk Film Production, sold to Cherry Pickers (Benelux), Discovery (Former Yugoslavia) and A Contracorriente (Spain).

William Brent Bell’s pagan horror Lord Of Misrule is produced by Deepak Nayar and Nik Bower for Riverstone Pictures, Jason Newmark and Laurie Cooke for Bigscope Films, William Brent Bell for The Machine Room, James Tomlinson and Alison Brister for REP Productions, and currently is in post. It stars Tuppence Middleton and Ralph Ineson. It has now sold to GP Cinema (Baltics), Vertigo Media (Hungary), Sun Distribution (Latin America, Spain, Portugal), Front Row (Middle East), Galapagos (Poland), A Really Good Film Company (Taiwan) and BG Film (Turkey).

Terence Davies’ Siegfried Sassoon biopic Benediction, produced by Michael Elliott of Emu Films, has also sold to Horizon Distribution (Airlines) and Discovery (Former Yugoslavia).