The Visitor

Source: Best Friend Forever

‘The Visitor’

Best Friend Forever has taken on sales for The Visitor, the latest feature from Canadian queer artist Bruce LaBruce which will world premiere in Berlin’s Panorama section in February.

The edgy title is LaBruce’s tribute to Pier Pasolini’s classic Teorema, with a pornographic twist. Set in contemporary London, the story follows an enigmatic, sexually fluid refugee who washes up naked on the bank of the Thames. Introduced to a bourgeois family, he is invited to stay on an as their employee and goes on to turn their world upside down by seducing each member of the family in a series of explicit sexual encounters.

The Visitor is produced by radical art, music and film collective organisation a/political and co-produced by Victor Fraga, the founder and director of DMovies, alongside Alex Babboni, founder and editor-in-chief of Doesn’t Exist magazine. The UK production stars Bishop Black, Macklin Kowal, Amy Kingsmill, Kurtis Lincoln, Ray Filar and Luca Federici.

LaBruce has written and directed fourteen feature films including Gerontophilia that premiered at Venice’s Giornate Degli Autori 2013, Saint-Narcisse that closed that festival’s section in 2020, and Pierrot Lunaire that won the Teddy Award at the Berlinale in 2014.

Brussels-based Best Friend Forever’s co-founders Martin Gondre and Charles Bin said the sexually explicit film “will be for sure one of the most talked about titles at this year’s Berlinale.”

The sister company to Indie Sales will officially kick off sales for The Visitor at Unifrance’s Rendez-Vous in Paris this week ahead of its Berlin premiere.