Adam Rehmeier, director of controversial feature The Bunny Game, is preparing to shoot a “hardcore” Western with the exec producer of Robert Redford’s The Company You Keep.

Vancouver-based Brightlight Pictures (The Company You Keep) has teamed with UK producer Mark Sandell to co-produce the ‘Western’ action horror Save a Bullet For Me.

It marks the latest feature from writer-director Adam Rehmeier, who sparked controversy with torture film The Bunny Game in 2010.  

Brightlight Pictures’  Shawn Williamson joins Mark Sandell (A Liar’s Autobiography) to produce.

Save a Bullet For Me is due to be shot in British Columbia in late 2014.

Set in the 19th century, the film focuses on the aftermath of a brutal massacre, where two wounded frontiersmen make a desperate last stand against a native American war party.

Rehmeier said: “This is not your grandfather’s Western.  There are no heroes or morality tales.  This is a visceral, animal of a film, stripped down to the most primal fight-or-flight level possible.

“For me, this film is an opportunity to combine several of my favourite genres in an exciting way, to create something that hasn’t been seen before in the cinema.  It delivers enough splatter to quench any hardcore horror fan’s palate, yet the relentless, wall-to-wall action and historical backdrop will open it up to a wider audience.

“British Columbia’s pristine, lush forests are the perfect backdrop for this story. I can’t think of a more spectacular place in North America to lens the film.”

Sandell, who championed The Bunny Game in the UK despite issues with ratings boards the BBFC, said of the new film: “I couldn’t put the script down and knew immediately I had to make it.  It’s pure, visceral action, which will be executed with a heightened sense of the ‘real’ as opposed to CG.”

Williamson added: “Save a Bullet has something I haven’t come across in a script for a long time. It’s a non-stop, guttural ride that leaves you breathless until the final page. “

Rehmeier’s directorial debut, The Bunny Game, was banned by the BBFC in the UK. The film starred Rodleen Getsic as a prostitute kidnapped by a truck driver and subjected to a gruesome ordeal. In a statement released at the time, the BBFC said: “The principal focus of The Bunny Game is the unremitting sexual and physical abuse of a helpless woman, as well as the sadistic and sexual pleasure the man derives from this.”