9ers Entertainment record pre-sales on mystery horror.

South Korean sales company 9ers Entertainment has locked pre-sales on mystery horror film Mourning Grave to five territories including China (Virtual Cinema).

Previously known as Grave Mourning (working title), the high school horror film also pre-sold to Hong Kong (Deltamac), Singapore (Golden Village), Mongolia (Taewang Sangsa) and Taiwan (AV-Jet).

Mourning Grave features stars popular around Asia for their TV series work - Kang Ha-neul from The Heirs and Kim So-eun from TV’s Boys Over Flowers. Kim Jung-Tae from the hit film Miracle in Cell No. 7 also features.

The film tells the story of a psychic boy with a family history of seeing ghosts who returns to his hometown. There, high school life is a nightmare of bullying and his one friend is a mysterious ghost girl.

When the bullies at school get attacked by a gruesome-looking girl in a mask, he finds a connection with a bullied girl who committed suicide and delves deeper into the case.

The film is produced by JupiterFilm, the makers of hit The Face Reader, and backed by new distribution company Little Big Pictures, set up by Korean Film Producers Association with well-known production houses such as Myung Films and Filmmaker R&K to improve conditions in the local distribution game for their films.

Mourning Grave is set for a July release locally.