China Movie Media Group (CMMG) announced it will open a US office and has teamed up with Paramount to market the imminent summer release Transformers: Age Of Extinction in China.

“The China film market has maintained a growth of 30% each year and has become the world’s second biggest box office market,” said Zhang Gen Ming, CEO and founder of CMMG.

“The establishment of our new LA office is only the beginning of the relationship between the two biggest countries in the rising global film market. In addition, because there were so many Chinese components to TF4 it seemed like a natural and compelling partnership.”

US-based based Jiaflix and the China Movie Channel, with its new media subsidiary M1095, are the production and promotion partners on Michael Bay’s film.

“We are thrilled to be working in partnership with CMMG on the marketing of this next installment in the Transformers franchise,” said Paramount vice-chairman Rob Moore (pictured with Ming at a celebration with CMMG in Los Angeles on June 3).

“Michael Bay’s films have been very popular among Chinese audiences and with CMMG’s support, we hope Transformers: Age Of Extinction will continue that tradition,”