3D clips of Puss in Boots and Transformers: Dark of the Moon also screened at the Sept 10 event.

The International Broadcasters Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam screened Martin Scorsese’s Hugo using new laser projection technology from Christie. The new laser projection aims to address low light levels for which 3D projection is often criticised.

The Sept 10 event at the ‘IBC Big Screen’ theatre marked the public unveiling of the prototype Christie laser projector. In addition to Hugo, several other 3D clips including Puss in Boots and Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The presentation was preceded by a talk from Christie’s Dr. Don Shaw, Senior Director of Product Management.

Dr. Shaw said: “Christie firmly believes that the best 3D is the brightest 3D and we need to help exhibitors with solutions that can project compelling, immersive 3D experiences to their screens. Audiences deserve to see the brightest 3D with 14 ft-L on cinema screens. Our demonstration today will show just how truly spectacular a movie maker’s vision can be when shown at the highest light levels, making the shared experience more immersive, and, ultimately, driving more cinema ticket sales.

“Some attendees leave 3D movies complaining of headaches, fatigue, and sore eyes. Just like reading a book in low light levels, low brightness on the movie screen is one of the reasons for these complaints. Delivering more lumens to the screen will help address these effects, as will the advent of ‘eye-easy’ high frame rate (HFR) movies. There’s half-a-dozen different ‘forks in the road’ decisions that have to be made when designing a laser-projection system and most manufacturers will take different paths.”

Hugo stereographer, Demetri Portelli, and Corey Turner, VP Post Production at Paramount, also spoke before the screening.