New service specialises in film recommendations and saw CJ E&M join with Dolby Laboratories to provide 5.1 surround sound on earphones and headphones.

Major Korean media contents group CJ E&M has launched a new VoD service called Vingo ( specialising in film recommendations yesterday (Nov 4).

They also joined with Dolby Laboratories to provide 5.1-channel surround sound on earphones and headphones.

Vingo makes tailored recommendations for viewing on multiple devices including PC, tablet, smartphone and smartTV. Based on their experience from organizing CJ cable film specialty channels such as CatchOn, ChannelCGV and OCN, the company says it has structured a classification system of its own for diverse tailored recommendations.

Films available range from latest box office hits, such as local sea-faring adventure The Pirates, to films currently still in theatres, such as The Whistleblower, to arthouse films, such as Koreeda Hirokazu’s Like Father Like Son and Judy Dench-starrer Philomena, and to classics like Audrey Hepburn’s Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

The service also has a limited number of TV series such as the UK’s legal drama Silk and Idris Elba-starrer Luther.

The VoD content can be viewed on the Vingo Player, which also lets users watch films bought elsewhere or video recorded by themselves without any other necessary encoding. It also provides PC Cloud and DLNA functions, and can be downloaded at Google Play or the Naver app store.