Yorgos Lanthimos’s The Lobster, Peter Greenaway’s Eisenstein In Guanajuato and Alex van Warmerdam’s Schneider vs. Bax among those to receive a share of €8.5m ($11.4m) from the new Netherlands Film Production Incentive.

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A total of 34 film projects have received funding totaling €8.5m ($11.4m) from the budget of the new Netherlands Film Production Incentive.

It is anticipated that these projects will generate €47.9m ($64.6m) in Netherlands-based production expenditure.

Some 21 of the 34 successful applicants were international co-productions of feature films and documentaries, in which a Dutch producer has a majority or minority stake.

Productions include The Night Of A Thousand Hours by screenwriter/director Virgil Widrich, a co-production between Austria (Amour Fou Vienna), Luxembourg (Amour Fou Luxembourg) and The Netherlands (KeyFilm); The Lobster by director/screenwriter Yorgos Lanthimos, a co-production between Ireland (Element Pictures), France (Haut et Court), Greece (Faliro House), UK (Scarlet Films) and The Netherlands (Lemming Film); and Schneider vs. Bax by director/screenwriter Alex van Warmerdam, a co-production between The Netherlands (Graniet Film) and Belgium (Czar TV).

Late last year, the Dutch Government decided to introduce a film specific measure in the form of a cash rebate in order to promote a healthy production environment in the Netherlands, and to strengthen the international competitiveness of the Dutch film industry.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Netherlands Film Fund designed the new measures after extensive consultation with the film industry. The Production Incentive scheme was launched alongside the new Netherlands Film Commission at this year’s Cannes Film Festival.

Doreen Boonekamp, CEO of the Netherlands Film Fund, said: ”We can already see the beneficial effect of the Production Incentive, even after the first round. It is an excellent tool to attract international productions to the Netherlands and to facilitate increased activity for national productions.

“In this way we can help develop the talent pool of creative and technical film professionals, and film companies, within the Dutch audiovisual sector.”

The amount of financial contribution granted for feature films or animated feature-length documentaries under the new Production Incentive scheme is up to 30% of qualifying production costs that are demonstrably spent in the Netherlands.

The deadline for the next round of Incentive Funding is September 2, 2014, for which a budget of €6m ($8.1m) has been allocated.
The 34 film projects that have received funding are:
The Surprise / De Surprise
Director: Mike van Diem
Script: Mike van Diem
Dutch production company: Isabella Films B.V.
Co-production company: Riva Filmproduktion GmbH (DE), Prime Time (BE), Fastnet Films (IE)

Director: Tim Smit
Script: Charlie Kindinger
Dutch production company: CTM Pictures B.V.
Math Sucks
Director: Kasia Roslaniec
Script: Kasia Roslaniec
Dutch co-production company: NFI Motion Pictures
Production company: Manana Films (PL)
Schneider vs Bax
Director: Alex van Warmerdam
Script: Alex van Warmerdam
Dutch production company: Graniet Film B.V.
Co-production company: CZAR TV (BE)
Under The Pyramid
Director: Axel Petersen
Script: Axel Petersen
Dutch co-production company: Family Affair Films B.V.
Production company: Idyll (SE)
Co-production company: SF Film Production (DK)

The Little Gangster / Boskampi’s
Director: Arne Toonen
Script: Lotte Tabbers
Dutch production company: Shooting Star Filmcompany B.V.
Co-production company: Hazazah Pictures B.V. (NL)
The Masters / De Masters
Director: Ruud Schuurman
Script: Mimoun Oaïssa
Dutch production company: Tom de Mol Productions B.V.
Coming To Crooswijk
Director: Jelle de Jonge
Script: Jandino Asporaat / Ernst Gonlag
Dutch production company: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama B.V. 
Co-production company: A-Film Benelux MSD B.V. (NL)
Family Weekend / Alleen Familie
Director: Pieter van Rijn
Script: Melle Runderkamp / Luuk van Bemmelen
Dutch production company: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama B.V.
Co-production company: A-Film Benelux MSD B.V (NL)
Spangas: That’s Us! / Spangas: dat zijn wij
! €244.231
Director: Jop de Vries
Script: Sander de Regt
Dutch production company: NL Film & TV B.V.
Director: Martijn Maria Smits
Script: Martijn Maria Smits
Dutch production company: Circe Films B.V.
Co-production company: Minds Meet bvba (BE)
Beyond Sleep
Director: Boudewijn Koole
Script: Boudewijn Koole
Dutch production company: KeyFilm B.V.
Co-production company: Neofilm AS (NO)
Three Many Weddings / Drie Bruiloften teveel
Director: Anna van der Heide
Script: Elle van Rijn
Dutch production company: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama B.V. 
Co-production company: A-Film Benelux MSD B.V. (NL)
Love & Friendship
Director: Whit Stillman
Script: Whit Stillman
Dutch co-production company: Revolver
Production company: Blinder Films (IE)
Prey / Prooi
Director: Dick Maas
Script: Dick Maas
Dutch production company: Shooting Star Filmcompany B.V.
The Night Of A Thousand Hours
Director: Virgil Widrich
Script: Virgil Widrich
Dutch co-production company: KeyFilm B.V. 
Production company: Amour Fou Vienna GmbH (AU),
Co-production company: Amour Fou Luxembourg sarl (LU).
Inside The Mind Of A School Shooter / De Tijdbom
(doc) €38.700
Director: Alexander Oey
Script: Alexander Oey
Dutch production company: Submarine B.V.
Co-production company: Vaski Filmi (FI)
Our Sun
Director: Joost van Ginkel
Script: Joost van Ginkel
Dutch production company: Bastide Film B.V.
Co-production company: PRPL B.V. (NL), GötaFilm (SE), KaBoAl Pictures (BG)
The Admiral / Michiel de Ruyter
Director: Roel Reiné
Script: Alex van Galen 
Dutch production company: Farmhouse TV en Film B.V.
Co-production company: Ciné Cri de Coeur (BE)

A Shtetl In The Caribbean / Een Sjtetl in de Cariben
(doc) €35.988
Director: Sherman de Jesus
Script: Sherman de Jesus
Dutch production company: Memphis Film & Television VOF
J. Kessels
(feature film) is granted a financial contribution of €190.960
Director: Erik de Bruyn
Script: Jan Eilander
Dutch production company: CTM Pictures B.V.
Co-production company: CZAR TV (BE)
The Sword Of D’Artagnan / Het Zwaard van D’Artagnan
Director: Dennis Bots
Script: Tijs van Marle / Karen van Holst Pellekaan
Dutch production company: Dirk-Jan Bijker Produkties B.V.
Co-production company: Living Stone BVBA (BE), Elbe Stevens Producties (NL)
Director: Antoine Cuypers
Script: Antoine Wauters
Dutch co-production company: CTM Pictures B.V.
Production company: Wrong Men North (BE),
Co-production company: Lucil Film (LU), Chevaldeuxtrois (FR)
Sum Of Histories
Director: Lukas Bossuyt
Script: Lukas Bossuyt
Dutch co-production company: Pupkin Film B.V.
Production company: Caviar Antwerp (BE)
Clean Hands / Schone Handen
Director: Tjebbo Penning
Script: Carl Joos
Dutch production company: Phanta Film B.V.
Co-production company: Eyeworks Film & TV Drama N.V. (BE), Mulholland Pictures B.V. (NL)
Eisenstein In Guanajuato
Director: Peter Greenaway
Script: Peter Greenaway
Dutch production company: Submarine B.V.
Co-production company: Fu Works Productions B.V. (NL), Paloma Negra Films S de R.L. (MX), Edith Film (FI), Potemkino (BE)
Director: Rebecca Daly
Script: Glenn Montgomery / Rebecca Daly
Dutch co-production company: Rinkel Film B.V.
Production company: Fastnet Films (IE)
Co-production company: Red Lion (LU),
Escape / De Ontsnapping
Director: Ineke Houtman
Script: Mirjam Oomkes
Dutch production company: J.W.P. Scholte Beheer B.V.
Co-production company: Incredible Film B.V. (NL), Marmalade Films BVBA (BE)
The Lobster
Director: Yorgos Lanthimos
Script: Efthymis Filippou /Yorgos Lanthimos
Dutch co-production company: Lemming Film B.V. 
Production company: Element Pictures (IE)
Co-production company: Faliro House (GR), Scarlet Films (UK), Haut et Court (FR)
Public Works / Publieke Werken
Director: Joram Lürsen
Script: Frank Ketelaar
Dutch production company: Topkapi Films B.V. 
Co-production company: Menuet BVBA (HU), Mythberg Films (HU), I’m Film Kft (HU).
The Reunion / De Reünie
Director: Menno Meyjes
Script: Nele Meirhaeghe
Dutch production company: Column Producties B.V.
Co-production company: Inspire Pictures B.V. (NL)
André Hazes, The Biopic / Bloed, Zweet & Tranen
Director: Diederick Koopal
Script: Frank Ketelaar
Dutch production company: Lemming Film B.V.
Co-production company: A Private View (BE)
Kidnap – Bo’s Most Exciting Holiday Ever / Kidnep
Director: Diederik Ebbinge
Script: Karen van Holst Pellekaan
Dutch production company: Topkapi Films B.V.
Co-production company: Menuet BVBA (BE), The Storytellers Film & TV B.V. (NL), Mona Film Produktion (AU)
Director: Antoinette Beumer
Script: Dorien Goertzen, Marjolein Beumer
Dutch production company: Millstreet Films B.V.
Co-production company: FBO BVBA (BE)