A report out this week highlights the 100 films to attract the most piracy since they were presented at AFM 2012.

The study by CEG TEK International, Top 100 Pirated Movies Of American Film Market (AFM), measured activity on the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file-sharing network.

The Beverly Hills-based company scrutinised a cross-section of around 3,000 completed titles and distributors that participated at last year’s market. The report also covers a number of titles at this year’s event commencing on November 6.

CEG TEK reported that daily P2P download demand by BitTorrent users for the top 100 pirated films from AFM approached one million worldwide.

Based on the global average of daily download demands, Elysium was the most sought-after title with three times the figure of the number two film.

Top 10

1. Elysium: 161,891

2. Side Effects: 48,576

3. 2 Guns: 47,538

4. The World’s End: 44,328

5. Red 2: 33,331

6. Safe Haven: 32,576

7. Empire State: 32,048

8. 21 and Over: 31,043

9. Escape Plan: 30,035

10. Blood of Redemption: 25,483

CEG TEK’s proprietary detection software was designed to track activity without actively participating in peer-to-peer networks. “The tracking solution we’ve developed is an outstanding complement to our suite of services as it empowers our clients by providing valuable intelligence regarding their creative works and how they stack up worldwide,” said co-founder and CTO Jon Nicolini.

Co-founder and COO Kyle Reed said the report offered “a glimpse of the impact piracy has on filmmakers, distributors and the industry as a whole, while also highlighting the overwhelming demand for quality films and storylines.”

Click here to read the full Top 100 Report, including an expanded list highlighting the top 400 pirated titles.