Dark Nature

Source: Epic Pictures Group

Dark Nature

Epic Pictures Group will release horror-thriller Dark Nature, part of the Fantastic 7 genre line-up in the Cannes market last year, in limited US theatrical release on May 19 under its Dread label.

Berkley Brady wrote and directed the story about a survivor of an abusive relationship who attends a weekend retreat where she and others must confront a terrifying entity.

Hannah Anderson, Madison Walsh, Kyra Harper and Helen Belay star in Dark Nature, and Michael Peterson produced. Epic will release it on VoD on May 23.

Epic Pictures Group VP of US distribution Yulissa Morales said, “We are so excited to get this incredible original film out to North American audiences. It’s been a delight to work with director Berkley Brady and her team. Dark Nature is truly something special.”

Brady added, “Dark Nature is my first feature and a true labour of love. I loved sharing it with horror fans during its festival run, and I always feel proud when I see the Dread logo in the opening credits. It’s been a dream to work with Epic as well and I’m looking forward to audiences all over the U.S. finally being able to see this film.”