Catalogue of films to be screened for free on the first Monday of every month.

Paris-based Eye on Films and French video-sharing website Dailymotion have launched a new initiative called “I Love Mondays”, showcasing a selection of first-time pictures on the first Monday of every month.

The programme kicks off this evening (Feb 4) with Polish Jacek Borcuch’s All That I Love about a teenage punk rocker’s coming of age against the backdrop of the Solidarity Movement protests in Poland in 1981. The picture was Poland’s Foreign Language Oscar submission in 2010.

The film will be available on Dailymotion in France, the UK and the US from 6pm to midnight for free. A different film will be screened to Canadian viewers. Catch-up sessions will also made available at a cost of $2.70 (€1.99). In Germany, the film will be streamed via the services of

“It’s a catalogue selection – the line-up is a mixture of upcoming and older titles that we think are worth re-exposing,” explained Eye on Films coordinator Nawid Sarem.

The aim of the initiative is to offer internet users a legal and attractive way to watch a selection of quality films on the web all year round, as an alternative to pirated fare. It builds on a series of one-off internet previews organised last year by Paris-based sales agent Wide Management, which coordinates Eye on Films. 

Other titles in the year-long programme include Sandrine Ray’s Alive!, about a girl getting over a violent attack; Serb filmmaker Jovan Todorovic’s mockumentary The Belgrade Phantom about the sighting of a mysterious phantom driving a white Porsche around Belgrade; and Dutch Walter Stokman’s documentary on Naples’ Camorra crime gang Scene de Crimine.

The season run until January 2104 with Patrick Pasin doc Bye Bye Blue Sky exploring the impact of airplane vapour trails on the environment.

Eye on Films is a network of 44 film festivals and 39 distributors supported by the European Union’s MEDIA Mundus programme aimed at supporting first films. It is coordinated by Wide Management.