Line-up includes new features by Dario Argento, Jacob Tierney and Fantasia alumni Rob Grant and Kerry Prior.

Montreal’s Fantasia International Film Festival has announced the Off-Frontières selection for this year’s Frontières International Co-Production Market.

The line-up of 12 projects features projects from Canada, Mexico and the UK, among others, and includes the next features from Dario Argento and Jacob Tierney as well as follow-up features from Fantasia alumni Rob Grant, Pat Kiely, Kerry Prior and Olivier Sabino.

Stephanie Trepanier, Frontières creative director, told Screen: “The Off-Frontières line-up of project always allows us to include more projects we believe in, but couldn’t fit in the official 12-projects selection because of quota limitations or because the project is more advanced than the scope we set for the official Frontières line-up.

“I’m particularly happy that this selection allowed us to feature four more feature projects by Quebec talents, as well as a Canadian co-production to be directed by Dario Argento.”

The 12 Frontières projects was announced last month.

Now in its fourth edition, Frontières will take place within the Fantasia Industry Rendez-Vous which runs from July 24-27.

It is held by Fantasia in collaboration with Vision-in-Motion and the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, with support of Telefilm Canada, SODEC and the Quebec Film and Television Council.

This year’s Fantasia takes place from July 17-Aug 5. The first wave of programming will be announced shortly.

Off-Frontières selection

A World War II Fairytale: The Making of Michael Mann’s The Keep (UK/US/France)
Director Stewart Buck, producers Stewart Buck – Buck Green Films, Alex Kuciw – Django Media, Stéphane Piter

Black Horizon (Ireland)
Director/screenwriter George Kane, producers Julianne Forde and Ruth Treacy – Tailored Films

Ce Qu’elle A Dans Le Ventre (Quebec)
Director/screenwriter Martin Thibodeau (first feature), producer: Marie-Dominique Michaud – Lusio Films

Heartbreakers (Quebec)
Director/screenwriter Pat Kiely, producer Robert Vroom – Vroom Productions

House of Stairs (Quebec)
Director Jacob Tierney, screenwriter Doug Taylor, producers Michael Solomon – Bandwidth Pictures, Phyllis Laig – Buffalo Gal Pictures, Scott Hyman – Zest Productions

Last Blood (Germany/US/UK)

Director: Simon Hunter, screenwriters Bobby Crosby, Ed Lynden-Bell, Nick Sterling, producers Christian Arnold-Beutel – Favorit Film, Isen Robins and Aimee Schoof – Intrisic Value Films

Mark of Kane (Canada)
Screenwriters Justin McConnell and Serena Whitney (1st feature), producers Avi Federgreen – Federgreen Entertainment, Justin McConnell and Serena Whitney – Unstable Grounds

Multiplier (Mexico/Quebec)
Director/screenwriter Rodrigo Hernández (first feature), producers Mayra Espinoza Castro and Jorge Michel Grau – Velarium Arts, Anne-Marie Gélinas – EMA Films

The Passenger (Quebec)
Director Olivier Sabino (first feature), screenwriters Olivier Sabino and Francis Lussier, producer Marie-Louise Gariépy – Film Oddity

The Sandman (Germany/Canada)
Director Dario Argento, screenwriter David Tully, producers Jeff Rogers – KCUS Productions, Daniella Tully – Shivertownroad Films

The Saturn Particle Rampage (US/Canada/Australia)
Director/screenwriter Kerry Prior, producers Dean Bertram - Lovecraft 21c Productions, Liam Finn – Filmmakers Alliance Productions, Kerry Prior – Wanko Toys, Sevé Schelenz - Sleep Apnea Productions, Steve Christopher Wallace – SCWFilms

To Be Continued… (Canada)
Director/screenwriter Rob Grant, producers Luke Black, Peter Harvey – Peter Harvey Films