19.07.2021 - Cérémonie d'ouverture Théâtre Sylvain - © Justine Batteux-75

Source: Justine Batteux

The opening ceremony of FIDMarseille 2021

The Marseille International Film Festival (FIDMarseille) has selected 45 films for its competition sections, of which 34 are world premieres.

World premieres in the international competition include An Evening Song (For Three Voices) by US director Graham Swon, who previously directed 2018 feature The World Is Full Of Secrets.

Germany’s Khaled Abdulwahed also world premieres Background, having formerly co-directed 2020 refugee documentary Purple Sea.

FIDMarseille, which takes place July 4-9, bills itself as a pioneering festival, championing new styles and ways of production, and puts its First Film Competition and films by young filmmakers at the heart of the festival alongside features by more experienced filmmakers.

The international competition jury is led by German director Angela Schanelec.

Director Whit Stillman will travel to Marseilles for the first ever retrospective of his work. There is also a tribute to French filmmaker Paul Vecchiali, who passed away in January, and a selection of films by the French artist Laure Prouvost.

FIDMarseille’s international co-production platform FIDLab takes place from July 6 and 7.

Meanwhile, the festival’s Other Gems section features an out-of-competition programme of twenty films, including the most recent works of Jean-Luc Godard and Wang Bing. The festival also has a French competition and the Flash competition for short films.

In total, FIDMarseille had 2,782 films submitted for selection from 148 countries.

International competition

An Evening Song (For Three Voices) (US)
Dir : Graham Swon

Background (Ger)
Dir : Khaled Abdulwahed

Las Cosas Indefinidas (Undefined Things) (Arg)
Dir : María Aparicio

De Facto (Austria-Ger)
Dir : Selma Doborac

La Force Diagonale (The Diagonal Force) (Bel)
Dirs : Annick Leroy | Julie Morel

Losing Faith (Die Ängstliche Verkehrsteilnehmerin) (Austria-Ger)
Dir : Martha Von Mechow

Monisme (Indonesia-Qatar)
Dir : Riar Rizaldi 

The Mariner (O Marinheiro) (Por-Fra)
Dir : Yohei Yamakado

Of Girls (Kanojo Tachi No) (Jap-Neth)
Dir : Wendelien Van Oldenborgh

Ricorda Ti Che E Un Film Comico (Fr)
Dir : César Vayssié

Night Work (Tembiapo Pyharegua) (Sp)
Dirs : Christian Bagnat, Elvira Sanchez Poxon

The Bus Station (La Terminal) (Arg)
Dir : Gustavo Fontán

Twittering Soul (Zmogaus Dalia) (Lith)
Dir :  Deimantas Narkevičius

First Film Competition

Aurora’s Dream (Serb)
Dir : Dragana Jovanovic

The Masturbator’s Heart (Le Coeur Du Masturbateur) (Fr)
Dir : Michael Salerno

In Silence And Clamours (Dans Le Silence Et Dans Le Bruit) (Fr)
Dirs : Clément Roussier | Hadrien Mossaz

Losing Faith (Die Ängstliche Verkehrsteilnehmerin) (Austria-Ger)
Dir : Martha Von Mechow

Monisme (Indonesia-Qatar)
Dir : Riar Rizaldi

Pacheû (Fr-Sp)
Dir : Camille Llobet

Renaissance (La Renaissance)
Dir : Nader Ayach

Sofia Was (Sofia Foi) (Bra)
Dir : Pedro Geraldo

Zarata (Sp)
Dir : Tamara Garcia Iglesia