FilmDistrict, Graham King and Peter Schlessel’s new acquisition, distribution and production company, has unveiled the executive team that will work with theatrical distribution president Bob Berney.

On the distribution side are senior vice president, distribution Dan Lange; senior vice president, film settlement John Lange; senior vice president, general sales manager Bill Thompson; director, distribution Ryan Markowitz; director, distribution operations Nicki Petrone; and director, national exhibitor relations Deborah Johnson.

Senior vice president Valerie Bruce will head business affairs.

Marketing executives include executive vice president, marketing Jeanne R Berney; senior vice president, marketing Kirk Iwanowski; senior vice president, publicity Liz Berger; and director, field publicity and promotions Oleg Dubson.

In a statement, Berney (pictured), who has worked with several members of his new team before, said: “We’ve assembled a core team of industry pros to move us into the next wave of theatrical marketing and distribution. We look forward to working with our partners in exhibition to bring exciting films with creative campaigns into the marketplace.”

Graham King and Tim Headington formed FilmDistrict in partnership with Peter Schlessel, who serves as CEO. The company will distribute between four and eight wide release commercial films a year.