Carrie Lozano and Simon Kilmurry

Source: Photo credit: Tracy Nguyen-Chung

Carrie Lozano and Simon Kilmurry

The International Documentary Association (IDA) announced on Thursday (28) 16 grants totalling $245,000 to films through its Enterprise Documentary Fund and Pare Lorentz Documentary Fund.

Eleven feature-length documentary projects have been selected as development grantees of the Enterprise Documentary Fund with awards totalling $150,000. The Fund aims to support projects that reframe contemporary and historical events.

A further five projects will receive $95,000 in support through the Pare Lorentz Doc Fund, which supports production and post production for films that illuminate issues in the US. This year’s themes centre on land and water.

The 11 Enterprise Documentary Fund grantees are:

Borderlands (working title), Pamela Yates (director), Paco de Onís (producer);

Cosricans, Edwin Martinez (director, producer), Jamie Gonçalves (producer);

Democrats II (working title), Camilla Nielsson (director), Signe Byrge Sørensen, Joslyn Barnes (producers);

Hollow Tree, Kira Akerman (director), Chachi Hauser, Jolene Pinder, Monique Walton (producers);

Hossain, Taimi Arvidson (director), Brette Ragland, Neaz Mahmud Roni (producers);

Q, Jude Chehab (director);

Run With It, Dee Hibbert-Jones (director, producer), Nomi Talisman (director, producer);

Untitled Documentary, Julia Bacha (director), Suhad Babaa, Daniel J. Chalfen (producers);

Untitled Michael Premo Documentary, Michael Premo (director);

Untitled Stasi Documentary, Gabriel Silverman (director, producer) Jamie Coughlin (director, producer); and

USERS (working title), Natalia Almada (director, producer), Elizabeth Lodge Stepp, Josh Penn (producers).

The Pare Lorentz grantees are:

Alabamaland, April Dobbins (director), Moira Griffin, Trevite Willis (producers);

Conscience Point, Treva Wurmfeld (director), Julianna Brannum, Alli Joseph (producers);

Poetry Of Cowboys, Mike Day (director), Charlotte Cook (producer);

The Sacred & The Snake, Sara Lafleur-Vetter & Jonathan Klett (directors), Romin Johnson (producer); and

Untitled Puerto Rico Documentary, Cecilia Aldarondo (director), Ines Hofmann Kanna (producer).

“Over the past two years, IDA has significantly expanded its funding of documentary through the addition of the Enterprise Fund and the Jonathan Logan Family Foundation Elevate Grant being added to the existing Pare Lorentz Documentary Fund,” said IDA executive director Simon Kilmurry (pictured at right).

“Combined, these funds have given out over $2m in grants directly to filmmakers during the last two years. To support this work, IDA has consolidated its grant-giving efforts into a new Grants department under the leadership of Carrie Lozano, Director, IDA Enterprise Documentary Fund and programme officer, Dana Merwin.”

“It’s incredibly gratifying to be able to support documentaries at all stages of the filmmaking process,” said Lozano (pictured at left). “We recognise that each phase comes with a unique set of opportunities and challenges, and we hope that our Enterprise Development and Pare Lorentz funds help these talented filmmakers get their projects – which reflect an impressive range of content and creative approaches – to the next level.”