Fox’s Kingsman: The Secret Service and Disney’s Big Hero 6 set for another top spot tussle this weekend.

UK Buzz Chart Feb 6 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service has topped the UK movie buzz charts with almost 11,000 comments from Jan 29-Feb 4 across social media, news, forums and blogs, according to Way To Blue.

After a week on release, Fox’s adaptation saw around a third of those comments expressing intent to view.

Close behind was last week’s champion, Disney’s Big Hero 6, with over 8,200 comments and just under a third expressing intent to view.

Of the new openers, Warner Bros’ Jupiter Ascending fared the best with almost 3,300 comments (20% ItV), followed by StudioCanal’s Shaun the Sheep Movie with nearly 2,500 comments (17% ItV).

Every film paled in comparison to Universal’s upcoming adaptation Fifty Shades of Grey with over 31,000 comments, over 9,000 of which expressed an intent to view.

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