In the second weekend of international release, Kingsman: The Golden Circle captured over $50m. Chinese comedy Never Say Die debuts on $45.6m, while horror smash It brings in a further $37.6m.


UPDATED: Kingsman: The Golden Circle now stands at $126.3m and  retained the number one position in 20 markets for the second consecutive weekend, while opening at number one position in 15 markets.

In South Korea, Kingsman debuted on $16.7m, which made it the biggest opening ever for an 18+ rated film. The results in South Korea are three times bigger than its predecessor Kingsman: The Secret Service, and are bigger than the openings of Transformers 5, Fate Of The Furious, and Guardians Of The Galaxy 2.

The UK generated $5.4m for $20.3m and is number one in the market for the second weekend in a row, down only 32%. The UK results are 90% bigger than Kingsman: The Secret Service through the same point in release.

Australia generated $2.9m for $9.6m, which is 40% bigger than Kingsman: The Secret Service through the same point in release, while Mexico generated $2.5m enough for first place and coming in 76% bigger than Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle’s $126.3m gross is outpacing the The Secret Service by 53% in the same markets at current exchange rates, with many top international markets still to come, including France on October 11, Argentina on October 12, and China on October 20.   

Judwaa 2, from Fox International Productions and FoxStar, earned $11.8m from 3,562 screens in two international markets.  Judwaa 2 is the fourth biggest opening of 2017 in India. Elsewhere, War For The Planet Of The Apes added another $1.9m this weekend, taking the international total to $335.1m. Japan is the final international releasing market, scheduled to launch on October 13.

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie added $1.7m from 465 screens in seven markets, lifting the international gross to $36.6m. The animation debuts in France this week, followed by Holland on October 11, and Germany and Brazil on October 12. Hidden Figures launched in Japan, earning $595,000 from 71 screens in the market.  The  film now stands at $62.9m internationally. 


Yang Song and Chiyu Zhang’s comedy Never Say Die debuted in China on $45.6m, and comes in second place at the international box office behind Kingsman: The Golden Circle and ahead of New Line’s It. Allen Ai, Xue Haowen, Li Ma, and Teng Shen star. 

Martin Campbell’s The Foreigner ended the weekend in fourth place internationally after grossing $23.1m. The film starring Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan, Rufus Jones, and Katie Leung will be released in the US on October 13. 


UPDATED: It grossed another $37.6m on 9,865 screens in 64 markets. Andy Muschietti’s horror smash has reached $264.8m internationally, bringing the worldwide tally to $555.6m. Germany produced $11.8m, including previews, becoming the biggest opening for a horror film ever, and the biggest Warner Bros opening weekend in 2017. Greece produced $789,000 from 163 screens. The UK is the top market on $38.6m, followed by Mexico $24.9m, Russia $17.8m, Australia $17m, Brazil $16.8m, and Germany $11.8m, Spain $11.1m. France has produced $12m, Argentina $7.7m, South Korea $6.4m, Sweden $6m, and Indonesia $5.9m.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie grossed $10.7m from an additional 18 markets lifting the running total to $22.9m. Brazil generated $861,000 ranking number three, while Mexico generated $668,000 for fourth place. South Korea ranks number four on $499,000, coming in on par with the opening of The LEGO Batman Movie. Japan generated $262,000 in week one. Germany dropped just 31% from last weekend on $970,000 for $2.6m, Russia produced $873,000 for $2.7m, while Australia produced $861,000 for $2.4m after two weekends.


UPDATED: Tom Cruise’s action film American Made grossed $3.9m in 61 territories this weekend for an international total of $64.8m. Combined with North America’s $16.8m gross, the worldwide total stands at $81.6m. Doug Liman’s film opened in four territories this weekend: India, Paraguay, Trinidad and Uruguay. American Made debuted at number one in India on $288,000, while Trinidad produced $35,000, Paraguay generated $21,000, and Uruguay generated $23,000. France held at number four in week three on $867,000 for $4m. Spain produced $296,000 for a total of $5.9m.

Victoria And Abdul grossed $3.8m in 28 territories for an international total of $19.3m. Combined with $1.3m from North America, the worldwide total is $20.6m. Germany produced $699,000 in its first week. The UK earned $1.2m in week three, down 29% from last weekend. The 15-day total in the UK is $9.4m. Next weekend, the film opens in France, French-Switzerland, Israel, the Philippines and Trinidad.

Amblin Entertainment and Walden Media’s A Dog’s Purpose debuted in Japan on $1.8m at 240 locations. This raises the combined Universal, Mister Smith and eOne international totals to $131.9m. Combined with North America’s total of $64.3m, the worldwide total is $196.2m. Japan is the final theatrical release for A Dog’s Purpose. 

Illumination’s Despicable Me 3 added $2m in 40 territories for a total of $760.7m. The film stands at $1.022bn. Despicable Me 3 is the sixth-highest grossing animated film worldwide. In Japan, Despicable Me 3 grossed $325,000 in its 11th weekend, for a total of $65m. China is the top market on $152.3m, followed by the UK $61.7m, Germany $42.9m, France $40.8m, Brazil $38.9m, Mexico $34.8m, and Russia $26m.

The Beguiled grossed $817,000 in 26 territories, raising the international total to $16.1m. Italy produced $607,000 in its second weekend for a total of $2m. There are four territories still to release, starting with Denmark and Panama this week. Girls Trip added another $600,000 in 12 territories this weekend to raise the international total to $20.6m. The female-driven comedy debuted in Sweden on $168,000. 


UPDATED: The Emoji Movie grossed $5.3m from more than 3,200 screens in 51 markets, taking the international total to $108.9m. Italy debuted at number one with $1.3m from 432 screens, which is 62% ahead of Storks and 24% above Smurfs: The Lost Village. Australia box office went up by 44% in its third weekend to gross $1.7m from 359 screens for $7.2m.  The UK dipped just 3% from last weekend to earn $513,000, bringing market total to $18.8m.

Flatliners kicked off its international rollout this weekend, grossing $3m in 21 markets, which represents 22% of the international footprint. The opening is 14% ahead of Nerve for the same group of markets at current exchange rates. Australia led all markets on $882,000, besting the opening of Final Destination 5 by 19%, while the UK generated $652,000 from 356 screens.    


Darren Aronofsky’s mother! grossed $4m over the weekend from 39 markets, including 10 new openings, bringing the international total to $18.5m. The arthouse horror debuted at number four in Spain on $670,000 at 291 locations, while Italy generated $417,000 for ninth place. Taiwan generated $154,000 from 81 sites. Argentina produced $102,000 for fifth place. Brazil generated $565,000 in week two for a running total of $1.5m. Mexico delivered $402,000 for $1.5m, while France collected $325,000 in its third session for $2.5m. The UK made $249,000 in its third weekend for $2.8m. Germany stands at $1.7m after grossing $174,000 in week three.


UPDATED: Cars 3 generated $5.1m as it opened in its final international territories over the weekend, Germany, Austria, and German-speaking Switzerland. Launching across German-speaking Europe, the animation opened behind It, but as the clear first choice for families at number two in all markets. Germany produced $2.9m, including previews, which is 10% below Monsters University,  while the opening in Austria is 26% ahead of Monsters University. China is the top market on $20.7m, followed by France $19.1m, Japan $16m, Mexico $15.6m, and the UK $15.1m.