Los Angeles city attorney Mike Feuer on Tuesday urged people who had been victims of sexual harassment to come forward.

In a statement issued in the wake of the unfolding Harvey Weinstein scandal, Feuer said: ”The Weinstein allegations have placed a bright spotlight on sexual harassment and sexual abuse, especially in the workplace.

”As brave victims come forward, others have been encouraged to do the same. And our nation must now confront these significant issues in a profound way.

”From our prosecutions in this area, I know it takes tremendous courage for women and men to share often intimate details of sexual harassment or abuse. We know this is not just a Hollywood thing — it’s a workplace thing, arising all too often in virtually every industry.

”Indeed, while most people don’t work in the entertainment industry, victims of sexual harassment and abuse share many of the very same concerns we’ve heard about in recent days: Will my job be on the line if I say something? Will I be publicly humiliated? Will anyone believe me — and will anyone stand up for me?

”I am here to say we will. We take allegations like these very seriously, and where the facts support conviction, we will prosecute. I’m very pleased that LAPD recently issued a call for alleged victims to come forward so LAPD can investigate. Please come forward so that your cases — and justice — can be pursued.”

Police in London and New York are looking at allegations of sexual assault against Weinstein.