Protocols issued by Los Angeles county officials direct cast and crew who resume production on Friday (June 12) to wear face masks as much as possible, maintain six to eight feet distance, and stay on set for the duration of the day.

The health office order of June 11 covering production in the heart of Hollywood follows a statement by California governor Gavin Newsom that production could resume in the state on June 12, and will complement conditions imposed by the state, and labour and management.

The order broadly covers workplace practices to protect employees, social distancing and infection control measures, communication with employees and the public, and equitable access to critical services.

Sets and places where production activities occur require a Covid-19 compliance officer, heath checks upon arrival, and regular testing for cast and crew, especially those involved in scenes that require close contact without face coverings for extended periods. Close contact should be avoided wherever possible.

Productions need procedures in place to deal with people who exhibit symptoms of the virus and must provide personal protective equipment. People must wear cloth face masks wherever possible, and those over the age of 65 and/or those with chronic health issues should be assigned work that can be done from home.

In general, large crowd scenes should be avoided, and scenes where cast and crew are required to be within six feet of each other should be as brief as possible, and as quiet as possible to avoid talking in proximity and risk transmission through droplets.

Small, enclosed spaces without adequate ventilation should be avoided. Strict food protocol bans buffets and communal drink dispensers, and requires shifts for sit-down meals, and labels on food brought on site. 

The order recommends auditions take place remotely using videoconferencing as much as possible. In cases of in-person auditions, cloth masks should be worn, and appointment schedule should be in place to avoid over-crowding.