Hong Kong’s Mei Ah Entertainment is producing new projects from Soi Cheang, director of Chinese New Year hit The Monkey King, and veteran filmmaker Joe Ma.

Soi is directing futuristic thriller Unforgotten (working title) about two police officers working in the Memory Investigation Department (MID) who read victims’ memories to reveal details of the suspects.

The $12m film is currently in pre-production.

Ma’s On Fallen Wings is a 3D fantasy thriller set on a campus where a student is investigating the disappearance of his girlfriend. The $8m project is also in pre-production.

Mei Ah is also selling Jonathan Li’s $2m crime drama Black And White (working title), also in pre-production, and Shi Chang’s $2.5m comedy mystery Live@Love (working title), which is currently shooting.

Produced by Yuan Fang Film Production, Live@Love stars Yang Chin-hua and Liu Yi-hao in the story of a female private detective who uses fortune-telling techniques.

Black and White, produced by Local Films Production, stars actor-director Juno Mak (who directed last year’s horror hit, Rigor Mortis) and Babyjohn Choi (The Way We Danced) in the story of two undercover cops, one of whom is a turncoat while the other has lost his memory.