Bill Lee announced the long-awaited change of company name on Thursday (January 8), five months after the CEO and Virgo Investment Group led a management buyout that acquired the catalogue and distribution apparatus.

“Our new brand name encapsulates our culture, our ambitious mission, and our dedication as a company to working with leading filmmakers and producers to create and deliver the finest content,” said Lee.

“Alchemy is a seemingly magical process of creation and transformation through combination. The name embodies our goals of uniting storytellers and their audiences in one dynamic community.

“We believe that conventional distribution strategies must evolve to achieve this, and we aim to represent the future of screen-based storytelling—wherever that screen may be.”

Alchemy owns a library of 665 films and will continue to offer customised distribution strategies across all platforms. The upcoming slate includes The Humbling (pictured) starring Al Pacino and Greta Gerwig.

The company is one of only two independent aggregators for Target, where Alchemy says it represents 75% of all independent titles sold.

“We believe that success comes as a result of focusing on storytellers and the community that shares and consumes those stories. Alchemy will continue to partner with leading filmmakers and producers to deliver top-tier content through the platforms best suited for each of its projects.”

  • New York City-based US distributor Baxter Brothers Film Releasing has rebranded as Monument Releasing and acquired Denys Arcand’s An Eye for Beauty. The company has set a late spring theatrical release.