Pyongyang has denied FBI claims that North Korea was behind the Sony Pictures Entertainment cyber attacks and called for a joint inquiry with the US into the matter.

North Korean state news agency KCNA called the claims “groundless slander” while the foreign ministry adopted a belligerent tone.

The ministry warned of dire consequences should Washington decline to participate in the proposed joint investigation and continue to level allegations at North Korea.

  • In other developments, George Clooney told Deadline Hollywood he and his agent Bryan Lourd of CAA had circulated a petition to Hollywood’s movers and shakers asking them to stand by Sony’s refusal to submit to the hackers’ demands and show support. Clooney said nobody singed the petition.
  • Variety reports that Sony Pictures rejected a proposal by Canadian theatre chain Cineplex and other US chains to open The Interview in limited release – approximately 20 sites according to the report. The idea was suggested as a litmus test of the veracity or otherwise of threats to attack theatres before proceeding with a wide release.