Other Angle Pictures is launching sales on French-Portuguese actor Ruben Alves’s upcoming comedy Miss, starring androgynous model Alex Wetter as a young man who sets his heart on winning the Miss France contest.

It is Alves’ second feature after 2013’s well-travelled The Gilded Cage about a Portuguese caretaker couple working in a Paris apartment block, which drew 1.2m spectators in France and sold well internationally.

Wetter is a well-known model on the Paris fashion scene who has walked the catwalk for the womenswear collections of Jean-Paul Gautier and others. He has previously had small roles in the Versailles TV series and Planetarium.

Producer-director Hugo Gelin, whose recent credits include Two Is A Family starring Omar Sy, is producing the film under his Zazi Films banner. It is due for delivery at the end of 2019 and will be released by Apollo Films in France.

Other Angle Deals

Paris-based Other Angle Pictures is at the EFM with a dozen mainly feel-good titles. It is market-premiering José Alcala’s Just The Three Of Us, starring Daniel Auteuil as a man determined to get back his wife, played by Catherine Frot, after she leaves him for another man. In early deals, it has sold to Benelux (Paradiso), Switzerland (Praesens-Film) and Canada (Axia Films). Apollo will release the film in France in March 20.

It has also reported deals on two titles which it launched at the Unifrance Rendez-vous in Paris in January. Romantic comedy In The Move For Love, about a separating couple who decide to move into a bigger flat together with the children’s room in the middle, has sold to Italy (Academy Two), Latin America (Sun Films), Switzerland (JMH) and Belgium (Distri7).

All Inclusive – the latest film by Fabien Onteniente who is best-known for the Camping comedy franchise – has sold to Benelux (Alternative), Switzerland (Praesens-Film) and Middle East (Falcon).