Tide’s Gift

Source: Vallastudio Films

Tide’s Gift

Production has wrapped in Chile on Vallastudio Films’ horror Tide’s Gift from Patricio Valladares, the filmmaker behind last year’s found-footage horror Invoking Yell and Hidden In The Woods.

Tide’s Gift (Lo Que Trajo la Marea) shot in Cobquecura in the Ñuble Region in southern Chile and follows two sisters who visit a beach after their mother’s funeral, only for one of them to begin to act strangely after she is nearly swept away by a current.

Valladares wrote the screenplay and the producers are Vittorio Farfan, Sebastian Riestra, and Loris Curci. The film stars Maria Jesus Marcone from Invoking Yell from and Luna Martinez from Andrés Finat’s 2019 Chilean thriller Sumergida.

Valladares described the film as “an existential horror tale that will make you think twice before taking a trip to the beach” adding that the story explores themes of grief, family, and the unknown through a nihilistic lens.

Executive producers include Valladares, Vittorio Farfan, and Sebastian Riestra, in association with Loris Curci from Nightworld. The project is backed by private equity financing and is structured as a Chile-Italy co-production.

Tide’s Gift is expected to play the film festival circuit next year and the producers are in talks with sales agents for representation.